Buy & Beautify

As friends, family and associates came and witnessed the benefits of turning brush land into a parkland and the joy it brought, they too became interested in doing the same. The buy and beautify program is intended to bring like-minded families together to enhance not only the land but to provide them with a way to tie their family into the most sacred land on earth and pass it along to their posterity.

A Family Affair

Families are joining together to acquire a parcel of land near the Church owned property at Adam-ondi-Ahman and working together to Build a home, to beautify and maintain the land around it.

While they spend time together it provides them with the opportunity to reflect and to learn more about this sacred land and the important role it plays. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to tie generations together.

Beautification Process

"Parking-out the Land"

The phrase “Park Out” is used to describe taking an area of brush or overgrowth and once completed the land will look like a park.

  • Animals

    Cows and horses work the heave over growth down and will break up branches that have fallen from the trees

  • Remove Debris

  • Trim Branches

  • Level ground

  • Plant Grass Seed